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Curate the Good Life is excited to partner with JourneyOfYour Fitness (JoyFit)

Contact Joy for more information about how she can help you with your fitness goals. 

Recently I interviewed Joy and I can't wait to share the full article in Curate the Good Life Magazine, but for now, here is a glimpse of how kind this fitness boss's message is. She is not your average trainer. 

"Can you share a tip to help someone just starting their health journey?" 

"Your journey is your journey. It is unique to you. It is designed for YOU. Be patient with and kind to yourself. It can all be a bit overwhelming at first, so start small and build up. I always like to tell my clients, add in, not take away. Many times, we think we have to deprive (and what sometimes feels like punishing) ourselves in order to progress. Start by adding in the positive affirmations, adding in the good stuff, until those things become habit, and you no longer look to those negative habits you created." 

JourneyOfYour Fitness (JoyFit)

WITS Certified Personal Trainer
M.S. Sport Management



SNAPCHAT: Joyous_22 

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