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Kristie Prince Hale, a Plant Based Lifestyle Consultant, founder of Curate The Good Life and Curate Your Good Life is a Lifestyle and Design Expert. She appears on multiple TV networks daily and can be heard on radio as well. She is also CEO/Creative Director of Impulse Design Group, Inc. a Creative Services Agency. 

Inspired by an array of life experiences through travel, a twenty year long relationship and the drive to always do better, Kristie created Curate The Good Life. In a world that always has the latest and greatest answers, I decided to share time old traditions that I researched and inspired me to live differently. 

The good news is I learned something amazing - there is no one size fits all box. However, if we offer our body beautiful natural things like plants - we can listen to it easier and make better choices. It doesn't mean you will have to sacrifice birthday cake, it means making choices that are best for you and if birthday cake is the best choice, then birthday cake it is. 

I do believe that detox can be a beneficial part of your health and have been working with clients over the years with custom detox programs. I love the challenge of new parameters to work with each time I begin working with a client. As time goes, I have found many similarities between each special diet and people's lifestyles. I was able to make connections that brought me to answers I could share with everyone. Ways to help people harness their health better. 

When people eat more plants in their diet they will see improvements. I wanted a way to help more people so I'm so excited to offer Curate the Good Life as a resource to get inspired to get going on your plant based life.


I created the membership programs Curate Your Good Life for those that need a little more help. The memberships are full of goodies that can really help ease confusion plus you will have the ability to have your questions answered! I'm here to help and I can't wait to help you with your Plant Based Journey!



Things I live by...


For Your Body

"Eat as many plants as you can."


For Your Mind

“Always be especially kind to your reflection.”


For Your Heart

“Do nice things for others.”

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