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Curate the Good Life

Wherever you are.

Connecting to one another,

to nature, with self...

it's all GOOD.

Television | CBS + NBC

Reach is over 750K


@CuratewithKristie  1.2K


@CuratewithKristie 1.9K


@KristieCurates 3.9K


kristie.p.hale 1.3K

Engagement 4-7%



Kristie Prince Hale has been a content creator for most of her life, even before landing a spot on Lifestyle Morning Shows with CBS and NBC. As a kid her parents gifted her and her sister a movie camera that worked with a cassette tape and a TV with an adaptor. It played back in a strange bluish and white color (not so much black and white) but it was an amazing experience that solidified this was where she would continue to go and grow. Those first movies at 8 years old would lay the foundation for her to build confidence and allow her to explore both in front of and behind the camera. 


As a productive professional mom today working as a Lifestyle Media Personality + Design Expert + Personal Chef - life is FULL! Whether she is running from TV studio to TV studio, jumping on a plane to go from Los Angeles to the Outer Banks or Las Vegas. She still loves to explore with her camera! Now through social Kristie has had the pleasure of highlighting brands, properties and experiences and sharing them with her audience both online and through television. 


Kristie’s audience is educated, loves to travel and has disposable income to do so. She loves taking ideas from travel experiences and bringing them into design for her clients or even herself. She loves sharing about picture perfect spots and how to capture the best images that make beautiful memories, so others can GET THE SHOT for their memories too.


She loves sharing tips, tricks and hacks on how others can create simplicity and Curate the Good Life with connection - connection with one another, nature and through curated experiences. 


You can usually find her on an airplane going from one place to the next, at the beach, gardening (and yes she even gardens when she travels), meditating, arts and crafts with the kiddos or just sitting in the quiet enjoying all this beautiful world has to offer by just being present with it. 


Content Creator - Lifestyle and Design Expert for CBS + NBC Morning Shows for SIX YEARS

Named Lifestyle and Arts Insider by the Washington Post

DC Tweep Award from the Washington Post

Two Million Views on YouTube for a Client

Over 2K Lifestyle Segments Produced for TV


The Work 

I love showcasing places + spaces in a way that highlights all the beauty that I get to witness. I travel solo, with my partner, my family and we often travel with our rescue dog, who is a cleft cutie. 

My goal and part of my creative process is through connecting with the property and letting it guide me to its own unique beautiful story. I look forward to creating compelling content that connects and converts for you too. 

My Passion is serving others in the Creative Realm to inspire connection.  
I live my Dream Job because I created it. 






Interior Design

Furniture Layout and Space Planning

Furniture, Fabric and Accessories Selections + Specifications

Tile and Surface Selection with Layout

Hardware and Lightening Selections

Yard and Garden Design 


UGC Video

UGC Photography

Raw Footage

High Quality Images + Video



Feed Posts


TikTok Video


Mini Vlogs

Pinterest Pins








Influencers + Content Creators - 199 Total Creators




Bonnie W, Smith Beach

“Thank you so much for preparing our property for upcoming guests and for the beautiful content created to help us get additional bookings. We look forward to working together again soon."

Glenn H, Los Angeles

"Kristie's work is impeccable. She takes time to make sure she is giving her clients what they want, what they need and exceeds expectations. Our booking rate has increased since we utilized her services. We highly recommend her garden, landscape design and content marketing services."

Shelley R, Virginia Beach

"Seriously, call Kristie right now! This was the best decision we made for our property. I didn't know where to begin, but Kristie jumped in and created a comprehensive plan that guided us through the whole process. Kristie truly CURATED our space and made it a vision for guests and for us to enjoy. She is diligent, compassionate and her humor makes her a pleasure to work with."
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