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Plant Based Living and the Living is Good

Adding more plants into your lifestyle can add years to your life

Plant Based Living has not always been for me. I didn't mind fruits and vegetables but they definitely would not have been a priority. I thought moving my body more was most important. However, turns out drinking alcohol, staying up until the wee hours and eating vegetables sometimes doesn't cut it. It also turns out that even when I thought I had learned so much and gotten us on the right path by making mostly whole food meals I still had a way to go. 

After watching the documentary Forks over Knives and experiencing some family deaths my loving husband who never asks for anything asked me when we were going to start. When were we going to start trying a life without meat and focus on plant based Whole Foods....ummmm...ok....I couldn't say no. It would be a quick challenge, right? We decided on 30 days. I didn't realize it had been 30 days until it had been 45. The changes in our life were so apparent that we just kept going. 

Soon after we made this decision we were the odd ones out. There were minimal places to go out and enjoy fantastic meals. There were no friends to relate to the life we were trying to live. In fact, the best we got was I mean I get it, but yet they didn't make changes in their own lives, so it actually felt like no, they don't get any of it. 

Later there was a shift amongst some old and distant friends - people were asking for advice and wanted to know more. I created a Detox program to help reboot people's health. Giving them a chance to really see how foods effect them overall. Clearing your system and having a fresh start is an amazing opportunity to get to know what really is best for your mind and body. 

It's been 7 years of doing that and I have learned so much. I finally am ready to put it all together and send all this goodness out. To start, I've created this website, Curate the Good Life, an accompanying online Magazine and a Membership Club that I know is set to make huge impacts in people's lives. I can't wait to help you harness your health and Curate Your Good Life! 

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