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Travel for Connection

After being forced into a Nomad Lifestyle after massive water damage occurred while on a trip - instead of never traveling again, Kristie realized things happen andt there would never be a "good" time for anything (having children, buying a home, taking a big trip, etc.), so I began to take leaps of faith that all would be okay and began exploring more in life. This included starting a family, purchasing homes and traveling. Shortly after we began traveling more as a family they realized how Credit Cards could offer EXTREME VALUE and there were MAJOR INCENTIVES to sign up and utilize these cards in a responsible manner. 
From there, they took their advertising + media + design backgrounds to develop further opportunities in the travel and lifestyle niche. Soon, it would result in long term contracts that would lead to over TWO MILLION Views for a client and generating over a MILLION DOLLARS for the brand.
We have had the opportunity to work:
Now, we look forward to helping your brand show families how they can come together for an unforgettable experience that will help them connect. We will showcase a story that easily romanticizes the JOY that is often forgotten about the simplicity of just having a chance to sit and BE with one another. We will highlight your brand so that others can't wait to learn more and explore more with you! 

Content Creator for CBS + NBC Morning Shows for SIX YEARS

Named Lifestyle and Arts Insider by the Washington Post

DC Tweep Award from the Washington Post

Two Million Views on YouTube for a Client

5K Segments Produced and Hosted for CBS, Coast Live



Get to Know Us

Having children with an EIGHT YEAR age gap has it challenges just as all families do. We have been fortunate that out two have found joy with spending time together. Their most favorite time together is exploring. We have found exploring this world through travel has opened our eyes to a whole new world of gratitude. We enjoy sharing the beauty, silly and fun that we have on our travels. We also enjoy working with brands through out professional Content Creation services. We offer UGC, Product Reviews, Demonstrations, Tours, etc. We also offer professional imagery and video at a fraction of the cost of a large advertising agency. Our 30 years of professional experience including backgrounds in Advertising, Media and Property Design + Management help us create content that will encourage our audience to take the opportunity to visit the fun destinations we explore with their own families. We are so grateful to have found a unique way to explore and be of service. We look forward to working with you and connecting our audience to your outstanding brand. 



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