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A Family that UGC's Together has FUN Together

We are the Hale family, from Curate the Good Life! Together we produce UGC (User Generated Content) + lifestyle and family travel content (live social media shares, videos, blog posts, etc.) to encourage our readers to make memories together by finding ways to connect as a family in remarkable ways!

The Hale Family | UGC Creators

Why Me?

My background in Communications and a career that spans 30 years offers me a unique perspective for brands. I have been fortunate to connect with brands and the public through the opportunities I've had in my life. I started modeling and acting at a young age for commercials.I started with the brand JcPenney. As a Lifestyle Media Personality. I've been on morning television for 6 years and have been able to craft a recipe for exciting, helpful and valuable content. I take the monotony out of boring or receptive sales messages and make them fun and memorable. 

Why UGC?

'User Generated Content' is the leading way to build trust with your audience and Influence purchase decisions. People trust people, and that's why relatable content delivers results.


UGC Is 42% more effective than branded content

Financial Graphs

the goods

Engagement 3-5%

Women 79.8% Audience

1:6 Comment: Like Ratio

OVER 4.2k Segments Produced + Hosted for CBS

OVER 2 MILLION views for Demand Media's YouTube 

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1501 Lincoln Blvd #1030

Los Angeles, CA 90291


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