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Connect with Nature to Connect with You

Connecting with Nature is such an amazing way to connect with ourselves. It brings us closer to all. The more time we spend with nature the more relaxed we can feel. Anxiety, depression and everyday stress can feel less intense and in some situations melt completely away. If taking time off to spend with nature isn’t an option, no worries. I want to help. This year I will be launching my first Curated Travel Experience - it will connect you with nature and fill your soul with goodness. Any guesses where we are going???? Drop your guesses below in the comments ⤵️

To help you find ways to spend more time with nature I put together a list of 35 ideas. What else can we add to this list?

Leave your ideas below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

Spend More Time with Nature 🌱 🌳 ☀️ 🐸

  1. Ride your bike or walk to work, etc.

  2. Work from home? Set up shop outside.

  3. Take social gatherings outside.

  4. Take a walk on your lunch break after lunch.

  5. Exercise outside instead of the gym or bike/walk to the gym

  6. Plant a Tree

  7. Plant a Garden

  8. Stand barefoot in sand or grass for a few moments (or any time you are willing to spare)

  9. Grill out dinner

  10. Look for a four leaf clover

  11. Look for fallen flowers - wildflowers work great and make a bouquet- return it back to the earth when it’s time

  12. Check out a local farmer’s market

  13. Close your eyes and listen to the birds

  14. Get in the saltwater

  15. Listen to the Ocean

  16. Play catch with the kids

  17. Do yoga outside

  18. Park your car further away in the parking lot

  19. Dance in the rain

  20. Check out a park

  21. Get plants for your home

  22. Use Natural Scents at home

  23. Kick the chemicals - opt for plant based solutions

  24. Open the curtains and the windows

  25. Eat Outside

  26. Get a Hobby that can be done outside - Paddleboarding - Pokemon anyone?

  27. Walk the dog

  28. Go on a hike

  29. Skip the gym and play tag with the kids outside

  30. Read a book for 15 min outside or in your car windows down

  31. Ride in the car with the windows down

  32. Look for shells or rocks - BONUS: Paint them outside

  33. Get a bird feeder or bird house

  34. Meditate - outside or by an open window

  35. Incorporate nature even if only 5 minutes into your day with a Morning or Evening Routine by simply sitting outside and finding a little stillness.


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