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Escape with me...

Escaping is my thing. I like to escape to new places and my favorite places usually include water. Add a private beach in and well I have been known to believe that it is indeed heaven on earth.

Cottages on the water offer the perfect location to live simply and just be. This has been a year in which many of us have begun doing just that again. We escaped to an island in North Carolina earlier in the pandemic and it made for a remarkable way to close spring and enjoy summer. During the pandemic we have been faced with some of the same challenges many have. Reduced income, lack of family and friend socialization, kids out of school/virtually learning, etc. - we were nervous and scared just like many. We had to do some creative planning but we realized this was a time we had to really do what was best. Whatever that was at the moment.

Escaping was indeed just the answer. Salty air and ocean breeze is the medicine of the soul. I found peace for moments and my children ran free. It was glorious and I was resistant to leaving. After leaving North Carolina we ended up on the other coast and spent time in LA, Orlando and Denver. Masked up and ready to always have SAFETY FIRST (literally is the #1 rule on our Family Rules) - we ventured out into the world and explored in ways we hadn't taken the time to before.

Traveling during a pandemic can be a heavy thing, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether your ready for a local staycation or ready to get on a plane - traveling is so good for the soul that I encourage each of you to find a way to bring the experience into your life this year, especially if you have taken time off from it over the past year.

I’m excited to share how we have lived a Part Time Nomad Lifestyle and had experiences I thought I would only dream of. My goal is to help others move forward and get their travel on…safely of course!


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